Movie Series To Binge Watch

We all have treasured TV shows we like to binge watch, and films we like to watch over and over again, but what about your favourite movie series? Those can be a little tougher to do, considering the length of them, and in most cases it can takes weeks, or even months to get through them all. Well, now we all a little more time to do so. Here are some of our favourites.

The Lord of The Rings / The Hobbit Series: While only six films long, each are well over two hours in length, while some of them get close to 4 hours if you watch the extended versions. Watching them in order will help you see little things you might have otherwise missed, and you will get a great sense of how well the entire epic flows together. Peter Jackson’s masterpieces are a great examples of how good literature (in this case based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels) can turn into amazing cinema.

The Harry Potter Franchise: While there are only seven books, there are eight films because the last book was split into two. While the vision and tone does change slight from film to film thanks to the director changing a few times throughout, the films still flow together nicely. Watching the child actors grow up on the screen as their characters become more comfortable being wizards is fun to watch as well. 

The Fast and Furious Films: If you are looking for action, you will find it in these eight films (nine if you include last year’s hit Hobbs & Shaw). While you won’t be able to include the ninth film in your binge watching just yet thanks to the delayed release, you can still see how this series has evolved from a simple car racing /  heist series into a spy / save the world franchise. The Vin Diesel-led series really evolved from where it began, and has become a huge success story. 

James Bond: With 24 films so far, and a 25th coming out later this year, James Bond is by far one of the longest running series ever made. It’s fun to see how the franchise has changed over the years, from Sean Connery all the way up to Daniel Craig. If you are looking for a series that will keep you busy for awhile, this is definitely it.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: If you are looking for a series that fits together like a huge jigsaw puzzle, you will find it with this one. 23 films make up this franchise, with individual stand-alone films, to team-ups and continuing stories. See how everything fits together by watching them all in a row. It’s your choice too if you want to watch them in release order, timeline order, or even one series after another order. One things for certain, you won’t get bored of them.