Teyana Taylor Gets Shocking Medical News in We Got Love Sneak Peek

A post-partum scare.

Mother of two Teyana Taylor halted her work trip in Miami after discovering she had lumps in her breasts in an exclusive preview of tonight’s We Got Love. The model-choreographer was even rushed to a medical center for emergency surgery.

“It was a lot of lumps, which is really bad,” Teyana explains in a heartbreaking sneak peek of the Aug. 25 episode. 

Teyana suffers from Chloestasis, a liver condition that makes pregnancy extremely high-risk. Her chronic illness can “lead to stillborns if you don’t deliver the baby early,” Teyana reveals during a confessional. “I had a lot of issues with producing milk, and when it finally came, literally everything hardened up.” 

Her breasts were “deflated and painful” six months after giving birth to youngest daughter Rue. Now, Teyana has to undergo a procedure to identify and remove the growths in her breasts. 

Husband Iman Shumpert calls the whole ordeal “nerve-racking” to say the least.