Adrian Grenier Weighs In on Joining a Possible Entourage Revival

Fans of Entourage may soon have a reason to hug it out. 

With the 10th anniversary of the final episode approaching in September, the hit show’s stars have been pondering a revival. Most recently, Adrian Grenier, who played lead character Vincent Chase, revealed that he would consider it. 

“First, I’ll look at the deal,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “What is it? What are we doing? I’m pretty open to anything.

“I’m pretty focused right now,” the star noted, seemingly referencing his farm life in Texas, “but if there’s an opportunity to reboot Entourage, I’d certainly take a look.”

The actor, 45, also had an idea for how the show would be different if it were made now. “I think Turtle would be Vince,” he said, referencing Jerry Ferrara‘s driver character. “Turtle would be the celebrity. And I’d drive him.”

In response to Grenier’s recent comments, the show’s creator Doug Ellin posted a photo of the article for the EW interview on Instagram, writing, “Noted.”