Demi Lovato Debuts Massive Hand Tattoo

On their birthday, Lovato also gave followers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video for their new song “Melon Cake,” which they said is “all about body acceptance, body positivity and just being able to make choices for yourself.”

“This song I made kind of to stand up for myself and against my inner insecure feelings that I had when I used to want to eat birthday cake but was too afraid to,” Lovato, who has spoken about their battle with an eating disorder in the past, explained in an Instagram video.

Director Hannah Lux Davis also described the music video as a “freedom anthem,” and Lovato called it a “representation of more of who I am today.” 

“I’m a very colorful, fluid, free, open person,” the “Skyscraper” star, who recently shared that they’re non-binary, continued, “and I just kind of want you to see that in the music video, as well.”