Why a Visit From Ariela’s Ex Has Her Fiancé Biniyam Worried on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

It’s all about the ex factor.

During an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, airing Sept. 5, Ariela Weinberg gets glam to meet up with her ex-husband Leandro—and her current fiancé Biniyam Shibre knows something is up. 

“It’s not too much? What you’re wearing?” Biniyam questions Ariela as she shows off a curve-hugging leopard dress and leather jacket. 

Ariela gushes, “No, I look cute.” She admits in a confessional that she’s “very nervous, actually” about seeing her former husband in Ethiopia. 

“Leandro and I met when I was living in Argentina when I was 19 years old,” Ariela explains. “And then I brought him to the U.S. on the spousal visa. We were married for, like, 10 years. We got divorced because I decided that I wanted to travel the world. I was immature and I was trying to find myself, but I always planned to have Leandro and in my life, and up until I met Biniyam, I thought eventually we would get back together.”