Dancing With the Stars Season 30 Cast Revealed: Did 5 Random People Even Know the Celebs?

Please welcome to the ballroom…who?

Just like knowing the leaves will begin falling and the sun will start setting earlier, you can always count on Dancing With the Stars to announce a line-up of celebrity contestants so random that it turns the Internet into a collection of owls, asking “Who?!”

For season 30, which premieres on Monday, Sept. 20, the ABC reality hit has recruited a former Bachelor, a Spice Girl, a ’90s heartthrob who is currently dating one of DWTS’ professional dancers and one of the biggest YouTubers. Oh, and someone who was involved in the college admissions scandal.

Like we said, it’s pretty darn varied and eclectic, which is why we like to conduct our annual (slightly shady) experiment to find out if an esteemed panel of five random people—a DWTS super-fan, a clueless Brooklynite-turned-Miami-transplant, a kindergarten teacher, a Gen-Z college graduate and a former entertainment reporter—to see if they had heard of each star.