Will a Smelly Ariana Grande Question Stump This Family on Cash at Your Door? Watch

These contestants need to “Take a Hint.” 

While their pop culture references were on point, especially with Ariana Grande knowledge proving to pay off, the Schmidt family didn’t seem to know their own living room! 

In a hilarious sneak peek at tonight’s episode of Jason Biggs’ Cash At Your Doorairing Sept. 21, host Jason Biggs stumps the Schmidts with a curveball question. 

“So, $25,000 is up for grabs here today,” Jason starts, explaining that each correct answer for the first round lands them $250 in the bank. 

After correctly guessing the Amazon River, the Schmidts’ second question gives them pause: “What celebrity’s fragrance line includes the scents Sweet Like Candy, R.E.M. and Thank U, Next?” Jason asks.

Mrs. Schmidt responds, “I didn’t know she had a fragrance line but that sounds like Ariana Grande!” 

Turns out, her Ariana fandom came in handy!

Then, Jason makes it a little tougher: Will the Schmidts be able to remember the fortune they keep on their own bulletin board?