Nine Perfect Strangers’ Grace Van Patten on That Jaw-Dropping Ending

The nine perfect strangers at the heart of the Hulu Original had a less than tranquil experience, but it seemingly all worked out in the end.

Nine Perfect Strangers star Grace Van Patten, who plays Zoe Marconi, highlighted this while speaking to E! News about the highly anticipated finale. “It’s beautiful and revelatory, in a way that all of these different journeys kind of come to a conclusion,” she said. “In a hopeful, but realistic way.”

For those who may’ve missed the Sept. 22 final episode, the Marconi family—which includes dad Napoleon (Michael Shannon) and mom Heather (Asher Keddie)—finally found peace after struggling with the suicide of son Zach (Hal Cumpston). During a hallucinogenic trip, Zoe, Napoleon and Heather realized that no one was to blame for Zach’s struggle and subsequent suicide.

On why it was important for the Marconis to go on this emotional journey, Van Patten said that their characters had not been able to heal up until now. “They go to this retreat in the hopes of trying to reconnect,” she reflected, “and start that process, not push it down deeper inside.”