Ellen Pompeo Explains That Grey’s Anatomy Season One Tribute

Is Grey’s Anatomy set to flatline after season 18? That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

Now more so than ever, in fact, after Ellen Pompeo wore one of Meredith Grey’s first-ever outfits in the Sept. 30 season 18 premiere. For instance, one fan commented on Twitter after the episode aired, “This is very much giving ‘Ellen is leaving the show soon’ vibes.”

Agreed another, “I have a feeling it’s the end…When I saw that shirt and that you wore in Minnesota, it reminded me of Cristina going to Switzerland. I’ll miss the show but it’s time the earlier seasons were the best.”

And so, during Pompeo’s Oct. 7 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel asked what the deal was with that throwback. 

With a little smile, Pompeo confirmed that it is the same shirt from the pilot, adding, “I think [the Grey’s costuming department] hung on to it. All that stuff is property of ABC Studios.”