Bachelor in Paradise’s Noah Erb Crashes Car Into His House While Kissing Abigail Heringer

There’s no pumping the breaks on this love story!

As Noah Erb, 26, and Abigail Heringer, 26, continue speeding along after connecting on ABC’s hit reality show Bachelor in Paradise, the reality stars experienced an unforgettable date night thanks to a very dramatic car ride.

On Thursday, Oct. 14, Noah took to Instagram Stories and painted a picture of an evening out that turned into a bumpy ride.

“Just took Abigail out to a nice dinner. We were enjoying ourselves, incredible experience, food was great,” Noah detailed. “We hop in the car. We start listening to Annie of all things. ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.’ It starts raining. The mood is getting right. We get to my house. I stop the car. I look at Abigail and think, ‘Dang, she looks really pretty’ so I start kissing her.”

But, keep your seatbelts fasted because it doesn’t exactly end there.