What Is Bones Day? Breaking Down the Latest TikTok Sensation

Technically, we can all agree that today is a Monday—but is it a “Bones” Day or “No Bones” Day?
No, it isn’t a newly invented holiday, but rather the name for a new (and beyond cute) indicator of what kind of day we’re bound to have, according one very special furry friend: Noodle the Pug.
To catch everyone up to speed: TikTok user Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz) shares videos of his 13-year-old pug, Noodle, as he attempts to lift him out of his dog bed every single morning. If Noodle stands, it’s a bones day, meaning it’ll be a great day and we’re ready to go full speed ahead to make the best of it. On the other hand, if Noodle flops back down—that day ahead? Eh, maybe not the greatest.
“Welcome back to another round of ‘No Bones,'” Graziano says in the opening of their adorable videos. “The game where we find out if my 13-year-old pug woke up with bones. And, as a result, we find out what kind of day we’re going to have.”