Carrie Underwood Calls Out Husband Mike Fisher Over His Collection of “Dead Things”

Stars, they’re just like us—down to their husbands’ annoying habits. 

Except, we’d argue Carrie Underwood is dealing with something a bit more extreme. On Wednesday, Oct. 20, the country star shared a video of “things I wouldn’t put up with if I didn’t love him” in honor of her song with Jason Aldean, “If I Didn’t Love You.”

So, when it comes to her husband of 11 years, Mike Fisher, what grinds the performer’s gears? For one, he has “dead things” on the wall, including stuffed and mounted deer heads, and a turkey, along with a displayed taxidermied coyote—all of which likely does not sit well with Underwood, a longtime vegetarian. 

She noted some of Fisher’s more typical annoying tendencies, too, like leaving dirty clothes on the floor and his very large hat collection, but, as one might expect, it’s the collection of dead animals that got fans’ attention on social media. “I can’t with the dead things everywhere,” one fan commented. “That must be real love.”