Prepare to See Lucy Hale Like Never Before in Super-Dark Thriller Ragdoll

Moreover, Lake stood out to Lucy because the character “leads with her feelings,” unlike the typical brooding detective. 

So, when it came time to actually portray the “smart and intuitive” Edmunds, Lucy said she decided “to push that a little bit and play her a little more sensitive.” 

It also helped that Lucy related to Lake’s journey as a rookie cop in a new country. The actress recalled feeling like a “fish out of water” when she started filming, as she was unfamiliar with London and the rest of the cast. According to Lucy, it made her feel the “need to prove” herself as an actress.

However, she later realized that her unfamiliarity wasn’t a disadvantage, saying, “Everyone was so easygoing and welcoming and I don’t even think half of them knew like anything I’d done in my career. Up until that point, they just viewed me as the girl who got cast as Edmunds, and I kind of appreciated that.”

Lucy said that even her co-star, Henry Lloyd Hughes, didn’t know about her past work: “I don’t think he knew anything about me, which was really nice actually.”