90 Day Fiancé Producer Alon Orstein Answers All Your Burning Single Life Questions

Similarly, we started looking at the initial meetings: How did these folks meet from different countries across the ocean? And Before the 90 Days was born, we were like, ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be cool to do the prequel to this and really go back in time and show how these folks are meeting for the first time?’ Similarly, with The Other Way, we started thinking about what the reverse looks like. We’ve been focusing on the Americans here but what’s it like to go to another country and leave everything behind? These were all natural openings within the journey that made a lot of sense to follow.

I think in regards to The Single Life, it’s a very similar situation. The majority of our couples are still together, but there’s obviously, like any relationship, some of them don’t work out. We found ourselves looking at some individuals who were single again. These are people we’ve come to know and love. What’s it like to pick up the pieces and move back into the dating world again?