Why Vanessa Villela Went From Soap Star to Selling Sunset Realtor

To make the long story short, I started studying, then I went to Mexico to film a TV show, which actually took all my attention from real estate, because it’s very hard. The test is really hard, especially California…and then I came back, and I was in a little I need of a break. I was living already in LA and I went to Miami.

My sister told me, “Okay, what we are going to do is a staging company. Let’s open one in LA and then get your license.” I was supposed to be in Miami for 10 days and I ended up staying eight weeks…so I came back on a Thursday, and the next day…on Friday, my sister passed away.

E!: We appreciate you talking about this.

VV: I stayed with the staging company, to try and make something good out of all the hard work that she did…[but] then nothing was really going well in the company…One day I sat in my car and I spoke to her. And I was like, “Jackie, I need a sign. Please give me a sign. What should I do?” And then I opened my phone and I looked for open houses and…the first open house that I went to, the realtor, within the first five minutes of our conversation, he was like, “I want you to work for me.”

VV later added: This is a sign, and I’m gonna honor her life and I’m gonna follow this path and, you know, see what God is gonna bring for me.