Former America’s Next Top Model Contestant Toccara Jones Defends Tyra Banks Amid Controversy

Toccara Jones is defending Tyra Banks from new allegations that producers only paid America’s Next Top Model contestants $40 a day.

The former contestant, who competed in season three of the reality show, spoke to TMZ about Sarah Hartshorne‘s recent allegations about her experience in 2007.

When it comes to the show’s executive producer, Jones said, “There’s no canceling Tyra.”

“This is the modeling world,” Toccara said. “[Tyra] didn’t create this. She just showed y’all [what it’s like] and she became the face of it.”

Toccara said that criticism of this nature “comes with the territory” of being a high-profile model like Tyra, adding that it’s a testament to her influence that “people are still talking about the franchise.” 

Moreover, Toccara said she thinks that ANTM is a contest and no one should expect payment for participating in a show of this sort. 

“The whole purpose of a contest is to win a prize,” she explained. “It’s for the exposure… And no, we don’t get residuals or anything like that, but we did sign a contract and they did feed us and we were able to buy our own personal items if we needed to.”